The Gals

The Gals

Welcome to our blog!

We are three young women embarking on a cross Canada cycling trip! We will be starting May 5th from Victoria, B.C, making our way

East to St John’s, Newfoundland, spanning over >7000km. We are planning to stay mostly in campsites, but will indulge now and then in a roof over our heads (be it a hotel/motel/holiday inn, friends/family, or couchsurfing/warm showers). We will be carrying all our gear on our bikes, including tents and camping equipment.

This is by faaaar our biggest cycling adventure yet, and, after a LOT of planning and practice, we are so excited to get rolling!

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments, and please check out our fundraising pages along the side bar!

Thank you!

Claire, Julie & Nina

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Day 28: (June 1) Drumheller to Hanna 88km

We said goodbye to the dinosaur bones in Drumheller and headed North on the 56 then East on the 9. We were being followed by dark looking storm clouds all day. We stopped in Delia for a quick lunch under the shelter of a gazebo. We continued on the 9 all the way to Hanna, which we learned upon arrival is the home of Nickel Back. After getting some treats at Tim Hortons, we headed off to a campground recommended by the locals. Fox Lake Park & Helmer Dam Campground run by the city and was a very nice campground with a beautiful sunset. Tristan's sister and friends came to join us for a night of camping fun. Perogies, marshmallows and stories were shared around the fire.