The Gals

The Gals

Welcome to our blog!

We are three young women embarking on a cross Canada cycling trip! We will be starting May 5th from Victoria, B.C, making our way

East to St John’s, Newfoundland, spanning over >7000km. We are planning to stay mostly in campsites, but will indulge now and then in a roof over our heads (be it a hotel/motel/holiday inn, friends/family, or couchsurfing/warm showers). We will be carrying all our gear on our bikes, including tents and camping equipment.

This is by faaaar our biggest cycling adventure yet, and, after a LOT of planning and practice, we are so excited to get rolling!

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments, and please check out our fundraising pages along the side bar!

Thank you!

Claire, Julie & Nina

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Day 14: (May 18) Sicamous to Revelstoke 61km

Today we rode along the rolling hills of highway 1. It was raining, and we made a few stops on our journey. Hayley's Uncle Brian was driving through the area and was kind enough to bring us some lunch!
 After lunch with Uncle Brian we stopped through a children's play area called the enchanted forest. We were lucky to meet Humpty Dumpty!
We also stopped through an old hotel, apparently with a history of being part of a ghost town.
Soon after, we reached the town of Revelstoke, a quaint place which has been described as Pleasantville. 
Everybody knows each other and they have succeeded at keeping the downtown area free of large chain stores.  We went for dinner at the Taco Club where we had a drink with our new friend Simon. Simon was cycling from outside Calgary and was aiming to end up in Mexico! Tonight we slept at our second warm showers hosts, Rory and Sarah, and their two children. They had a busy life, but we're very kind and welcoming!